Services Overview

Services Overview

We believe a big part of the solution for dealing with the current wave of rapid change is to utilize the latest technologies when deploying mission critical applications on the Internet.

Today, the Internet is the computer, and with this fundamental revolution in Computing, and the resulting implications for a new level of Communications and global Business, will bring challenges and opportunities like never before.

The current leaders and trend setters in computer technology such as IBM, Microsoft, Netscape, Novell and many others, have recently shifted their entire focus toward the Internet.

This fundamental shift in business computing models will have far reaching implications that will affect not only your present operations, but eventually your overall future corporate and governmental strategy and direction.

DIS, offers high quality and cost-effective computing software solutions, which help government agencies adapt to rapid change. DIS provides a flexible, modular approach to Enterprise-class E-Service for all types of public and private organizations.

DIS can assemble an all-star team of partners with all the skills, products, and value-added services necessary to design, deploy, and manage your e-business needs. Working together, DIS, and our consulting partners can help customers go live quickly with dynamic, interactive applications of any scope.

DIS, specializes in strategic planning, design, and construction of Internet and Intranet "Web Sites" for local, state and federal government agencies as well as private organizations.

Our expertise in networking, user interfaces, new technologies, database design, and business process reengineering techniques help us to discover new and innovative solutions for complex and continuously changing information problems.

Services Include:

  • Internet Software Development & Support
  • Client Server Software Development & Support
  • Systems Analysis & Design
  • Data Modeling
  • Database Administration
  • Project Management (Project Management Institute)
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Software Testing
  • Training
  • Implementation Support
  • Custom Reporting