Government Overview

Government Overview

DIS has been automating systems and providing experienced IT staffing solutions for over 10 years and is an emerging leader in the development and implementation of Internet-enabled Software Management Systems.

Software and Automating Systems

We develop the most comprehensive, proven and easy to use software for just about any government application or program that could use the Internet to improve the services it provides.

For the past several years, DIS has been elevating the bar when it comes to implementing Internet-enabled information management systems and will continue to do so in years to come.

  • "Accountability for Quality"-it is our commitment to our customers to assure the highest quality solutions.
  • Comprehensive - We have been automating the systems for over 10 years and offer the wisdom and experience for a new generation of Internet-enabled software programs.
  • Proven - Our software and concepts have been implemented in numerous states and our clients will provide testimony to their satisfaction.
  • Easy - "Ease of Use" is still one of the best ways to measure the value a software program can provide. Easy, also means less time learning a new program and more time doing what you do best, serving your clients.

We are experts at helping our government clients transition their business processes to the Internet. We've invested heavily in understanding and implementing the art of process reengineering through Internet technologies.