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Dynamic Internet Solutions L.L.C. (DIS) is an Arizona-based consulting firm that provides a wide variety of information technology products and services to local, state and federal government agencies.

Our services have been and continue to expand beyond traditional IT consulting and web design services. DIS focuses on superior web design as well as Strategy, e-Business Development, Hosting & Managed Services, and Professional Services.

All levels of government are facing some big challenges. Limited resources, increasing expectations and heightened public scrutiny means they must think carefully about their choices. How can they maximize their service delivery to their customers, and take advantage of new technologies to "customize" government for the consumer?

More and more, government agencies at all levels are turning to the Internet to capture and verify data that the consumer provides in order to receive various government services. DIS has a considerable amount of experience in automating government programs. Our staff has worked with many state and local government agencies. We understand the meaning of reengineering and the importance of taking a fresh look at how business is being conducted. We will help to identify the areas of opportunity as well as the risks, so that you can make sound judgment decisions when you are looking to automate programs or migrate legacy systems to the Internet.

Dynamic Internet Solutions was founded by Steven Brooks in 2001.
Steve has over 25 years of IT experience.